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Probation Attorney in Covington, Louisiana

If you are placed on probation, you will have to comply with certain conditions of probation.

A Court will require you to refrain from criminal conduct and to pay a supervision fee to defray the costs of probation supervision, and it may impose any specific conditions reasonably related to your rehabilitation, including any of the following.

  1. Make a full and truthful report at the end of each month;

  2. Meet your specified family responsibilities, including any obligations imposed in a court order of child support;

  3. Report to the probation officer as directed;

  4. Permit the probation officer to visit you at your home or elsewhere;

  5. Devote yourself to an approved employment or occupation;

  6. Refrain from owning or possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons;

  7. Make reasonable reparation or restitution to the aggrieved party for damage or loss caused by his offense in an amount to be determined by the court;

  8. Refrain from frequenting unlawful or disreputable places or consorting with disreputable persons;

  9. Remain within the jurisdiction of the court and get the permission of the probation officer before making any change to your address or your employment; and

  10. Devote yourself to an approved reading program at his cost if you are unable to read the English language.

  11. Perform community service work.

  12. Submit yourself to available medical, psychiatric, mental health, or substance abuse examination or treatment or both when deemed appropriate and ordered to do so by the probation and parole officer.

  13. (a) Agree to searches of his person, your property, your place of residence, your vehicle, or your personal effects, or any or all of them, at any time, by the probation or parole officer assigned to you or by any probation or parole officer who is subsequently assigned or directed by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to supervise the person, whether the assignment or directive is temporary or permanent, with or without a warrant of arrest or with or without a search warrant, when the probation officer or the parole officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that the person who is on probation is engaged in or has been engaged in criminal activity.

A Judge may also add special conditions of probation other than those listed above. If you do not comply with your probation, you may have your probation revoked.

Are You Facing Probation Revocation?

Probation Revocation Hearing

You will need an experienced attorney if you are facing a probation revocation hearing. An attorney may be able to prevent you from having your probation revoked by providing defenses and/or mitigation to the allegations against you. An attorney may suggest alternatives to revocation such as adding conditions to your probation, sanctions, lengthening your probation, and/or drug treatment.

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